31 Pembury Road, Tonbridge, TN9 2JA

This is a message for all of our Priory Lodge community. You will know that since the government Covid-19 lockdown on 23rd March 2020 we have had to suspend all routine appointments. As we enter week four of lockdown we are reviewing the arrangements with respect to vaccinations.

Based on new guidelines from our veterinary governing bodies, we plan to very gradually start to resume some vaccinations, giving priority to those pets at greatest risk of disease.

The importance of social distancing is ever present and slowing the spread of Covid-19 remains our top priority. Therefore, all vaccination requests will be assessed individually and those which go ahead will be done with minimal in-person contact. As much information will be taken from you over the telephone by the nurse on booking the appointment and any concerns will be discussed by telephone after the appointment. Payment will need to be taken over the telephone with a debit or credit card.

Those of you who have required our services in the past three weeks will already be familiar with this process as it is identical to our current protocol for providing care to pets who are unwell.

Please bear with us as we are running on reduced staff numbers and seeing urgent and emergency cases must be our first priority. As appointments become available for vaccinations, we will offer these first to puppies and kittens due first and second vaccinations, followed by dogs and cats due their first annual vaccination. Rabbit vaccinations will also be available due to the seasonal disease risk. Rest assured that adult dogs and cats’ remaining annual vaccinations can be safely delayed by up to three months.

We would like to thank both our fabulous team who have been working so hard to look after all your pets in these most difficult times and you, our loyal clients and pets, who have been so understanding throughout.

Should you have any further questions or would like to request an appointment please call our reception team in the first instance on 01732 353668.

**Please do not bring your pet to the practice if you or anyone in your family is self-isolating**

**due to symptoms of Covid-19 (symptoms include fever and a cough).**