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Infrared laser light from therapy lasers harmlessly penetrates deep into tissues where it is absorbed into cells, and this energy is converted into chemical (not thermal) energy. Therapy laser light stimulates the mitochondria within cells to help tissues heal. Scientists call this ‘photobiomodulation’. A cascade of beneficial effects then takes place at a cellular level which improves blood flow, heals tissue and reduces pain. Since November last year we have been offering laser therapy to our patients (and tried it on ourselves too!) Initially a bit sceptical, we were quickly convinced of the effectiveness and safety of this new technology.

Skin wounds, bite injuries and dermatitis lesions all respond well to laser therapy. A single treatment    following surgery helps to reduce swelling and pain. Studies indicate that laser-treated wounds can heal a third faster than normally expected.

Laser therapy is an excellent way to assist older pets with chronic painful conditions such as arthritis, spinal problems and hip dysplasia. Often these patients are already on painkillers, but they show an additional improvement in mobility and quality of life following laser treatment. Chronic conditions normally require a series of treatments before the benefits are fully realised, (we aim for five sessions over a period of 14 days) with top-up treatments every 3-4 weeks. Laser treatments are done without sedation and are drug free, which is especially important for those pets who suffer side-effects from medications. Speak to a member of staff if you are interested in finding out how laser therapy can help your pet. 

Insurance Claim Forms

Over the last number of years insurance companies have made the claims process increasingly cumbersome. We are spending more time completing claim forms than ever before and are also facing increasing printing costs in providing full histories for patients. As a result most practices now charge for this service. From the 1st April a fee of £8.50 will be levied for a new claim with a reduction to £5 for continuation claims. Where clients require a direct claim a £20 handling fee will apply.  Clients need to make us aware if they require a direct claim and provide us with their policy documentation before treatment is performed.

We regret these changes and appreciate your understanding.