Positive Pets

Positive Pets:  Let’s get confident in the clinic

We know that for many pets, a trip to the vets can be a stressful experience.

That’s why we do everything we can to lessen this where possible, as part of our Positive Pets pledge.

We treat each pet as an individual providing them with the space, care and personal attention they need to feel safe, secure and respected.

By earning their trust and establishing an environment where they do not feel threatened, we can prevent a trip to see us from being a negative experience, and also observe their natural behaviour, which can aid us in diagnosing any problems or concerns.

If you have an anxious pet, use our form below when booking an appointment to help us to provide a Positive Pets experience

If you have an anxious pet, use our form below when booking an appointment to help us to provide a Positive Pets experience

How to tell if your pet is stressed?

If your pet is stressed you may notice changes to their:

  • Physiology: panting, sweating, drooling
  • Vocalisation: growling, whining, hissing
  • Toileting

Body language of a fearful dog may include:

  • Flattened or backwards-facing ears
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Body is low and tense
  • Tail is tucked between hind legs
  • Yawning or lip smacking

Body language of a fearful cat may include:

  • Ears pointing out to the side
  • Body crouched
  • Back arched
  • Tail tucked around body

Our pledges to you and your pet

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    We want your pet to be happy when they walk through the door and will make every effort to reduce any fear, anxiety and stress
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    We have separate cat and dog waiting areas OR you will be given the option of waiting in your car
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    We use pet-friendly pheromone diffusers in our consult rooms and hospitals
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    We will be giving delicious treats to distract your pet from procedures and to reward their bravery – so bring your pet in hungry!
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    We use non-slip surfaces, pheromone-infused towels and bedding in blue as pets find this a less startling colour
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    We can prescribe anti-anxiety or other calming medications to help make the car ride more enjoyable and less frightening
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    We will note your pet’s emotional response to visits with us and what treats they prefer – helping us to make future visits even better

Let us help you with your next visit

To allow us to best prepare for you and your pet’s next visit to our practice, and to make the experience as stress-free as possible, please help us by filling in the following form.

    Does your pet show reluctance to get into the car?

    On travelling to the practice does your pet display any of the following:

    Which situations has your pet shown avoidance of:

    Where does your pet prefer to be examined?
    What can you do to make their visits more enjoyable?

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