Price List


Please refer to the relevant ‘Pet Advice’ section for the suggested protocols on how to best protect your pet against a range of infectious diseases.

Kitten vaccination course

  • Flu, enteritis and leukaemia – £85 (£42.50 x 2)

Adult cat annual booster and health check

  • Flu, enteritis and leukaemia – £60

Puppy vaccination course – £85 (£42.50 x 2)

Dog annual booster and health check

  • Booster – £60
  • Kennel cough – £42
  • Booster & kennel cough – £93.60
  • Rabies – £70

Rabbit vaccinations

  • New combined vaccine for Myxomatosis and VHD type 1 & 2 – £80


We use modern anaesthetic protocols and each anaesthetised pet is monitored by a trained nurse. In addition each pet will receive a pain-relieving injection that will last for 24 hours following the surgery. We do not wish to compromise on any aspect of your pet’s welfare and our neutering costs do reflect this higher level of care. Please note that these prices apply to animals under the age of two years and additional costs may apply to older animals as well as aggressive animals requiring additional sedation.

Pricelist table